Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Can Getting Back At My Ex Get My Ex Back?

Have you ever wanted to get back at your ex for dumping you? But then still felt like you wanted to get back with him or her at the same time? Break ups can be nerve wracking, stressful and frustrating for both sides. If you have just experienced a break up you may be thinking that you want to get back at your ex, but is this really the best course of action to take? One of the most influential ways that you can actually get back at your ex will not only put your ex in an interesting predicament, but it may also repair the relationship in the process by showing your ex how important you are and were to them. So if you want to get back at your ex, but also get back your ex, then here are five tips you can employ that can get back at your ex and in turn get back your ex.

1 - Be strong. No one needs the needy, and this saying applies very well when it comes to broken up relationships. You need to stop begging, clinging or exhibiting the behavior of someone who is feeling desperate. Let your ex think that you have moved on just fine without them by acting strong and moving on. When you've moved on, your ex will realize that they have not.

2 - Minimize communication. Closing the doors of communication may appear counterintuitive when your primary focus is to rekindle things, but it is one of the most important steps when getting back at your ex or getting your ex back. Take a break from your ex, close off communication, and let him or her stew for a little while without any contact. This will allow your ex to clear his or her mind and realize how valuable your relationship was.

3 - Be flexible. Do not be forceful with your ex, demanding that they move out, or pick their things up by a certain date. Be flexible, be a listener and a sympathizer. Your ex will be surprised when they see this side of you, and it may inspire them to build the lines of communication that were lacking when the breakup came into play.

4 - Get the heck out! This is no time for you to be alone. Call your friends and get out of the house. Develop a social network and enjoy some entertainment in your life. This may not mean you need to date, or even pay attention to the opposite sex, but you do need to be getting out and enjoying your time with your friends. Not only will this be therapeutic for you, but it will also help convince your ex that they lost a gem.

5 - Simply be yourself. There was a really good reason for why you and your ex had a relationship to begin with, so go back to being yourself and let your ex remember why they loved you in the first place. This renewed self perception of your own self will surely rub off on your ex as well.

These are five simple ways that you can get back at your ex (in a way) without ruining your chances of getting back with him or her. Remember, to get back at your ex so you can get back with your ex, you have to be strong, minimize communication, be flexible, get the heck out, and just simply be yourself. Follow these tips closely, and you'll do just fine.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Does Your Ex Want You Back?: Guidelines

Does my ex want me back?

This is probably the first question that runs through your mind when he or she begins to show a little interest in you again. By interest I mean trying to spend a little more time with you than before, or you notice that they're trying to flirt with you again. Not just because they answered a text or email back because you sent one first. If you see this, it's okay to let yourself feel some hope, but this is the time to watch what you do, and not just to jump the gun.

But to ease your mind, these are definitely very common signs that your ex is interested in you again. If you find that you still want them back, then this is the time, once again, to follow some strategy and not jump straight into things.

At the moment, the best way to play this out is to play hard to get (in moderation). This is probably even the reason why they are showing interest in you again. If you try to jump right back into things, you may end up pushing your ex away again.

Usually at the start up the break up (or end, depending how you look at it), whether you broke up with your ex, or he or she broke up with you, there will be a natural level of missing on both sides, or a longing to get back together. No matter what, your ex is probably going to miss you just because of how many different memories and experience you both shared together. Mixed in with those good memories, however, are other emotions that come into play like past regrets. If you find yourself wondering "does my ex want me back?" Then odds are that your ex may be thinking the same thing too.

Unfortunately there could be other reasons for your ex to be showing you interest again. Depending on the the guy or girl, they may just be playing a game. They can see that you still have feelings for them, and may be simply trying to get easy attention, without actually intending to take you back. I have even seen some of my own friends do this with someone they don't like anymore just because they happened to feel alone. So, unless your ex really seems genuinely interested in getting to spend time with you, they may just be passing the time because they have no other prospects at the moment.

Even worse, they may be doing this as a way to get revenge for something you may have done wrong in the past. This is why it is so important not to jump back into their life, and why you should focus on reading into the situation before you decide to act on it.

This is common, but when it happens, a lot people continue to ask "does my ex want me back?" The best thing you can do, whether they are playing with you or not, is just to continue playing it cool. Continue to play hard to get, in moderation of course. This is the best scenario because it will prevent you from getting hurt if your ex is not really that serious about getting back with you.

To find out if he or she is really playing you or not, watch to see how they react when you ask them to hang out. If they are just playing with you, then they will contact you when they are looking for attention and turn you down when you ask in return. But if they are serious, then they will ask for your attention and respond positively to your advances as well.

Of course, this isn't fool proof but it's definitely something you now know you can keep an eye out for. Another thing you can try to learn would be how to read body language. Watch to see if he or she leans towards you when you talk (shows interest), whether what you say makes them smile, and other things like that.

Once you realize that they are interested (if they are interested), then it's time to follow a strategy to keep them. One great strategy is spelled out in the Magic of Making up.

Or make up your own. I would definitely recommend a proven strategy like the Magic of Making up; the success of your relationship is up to you.

I hope you have found these guidelines to be useful and that you soon will no longer be asking yourself "does my ex want me back?" Now put these guidelines to use, and get out there!

**If you're a boy and you are trying to win your ex girlfriend back, click here to learn some more easy tips that you can follow.

***If you're a girl and you are trying to win your ex boyfriend back, then click here to learn some easy tips also.

Remember, anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it. You can do it!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

How To Get Your Ex to Return Your Calls

If you are here, you are probably desperately looking for a way to reopen communications between you and your ex. You are probably asking and praying, is there some way to magically get your ex to return your calls?

Luckily for you there is a way that will nearly cast a spell on your ex and make them feel almost compelled to return your call.

Not only are there words that will make them return your call, but I also have tips that can even help you rekindle your relationship and even win your ex back. This is one of the biggest questions for many people and I would love to share the answer with you.


You really have to focus here. If you want to keep your ex once you have caught their attention again; you need to determine a strategy to make sure they will stay. If you use this 'calling back' technique alone, without an 'overall' plan or strategy . . . you may end up damaging your relationship more than if they never returned your call at all.

In the Magic of Making Up, a full strategy is laid out for you.

With a fully organized strategy in mind, lets start with what NOT to say!

What You Don't Want To Do

Before we even get into the actual words that you will say, lets focus on messages that almost NEVER work.

Even worse, they can end up putting you into an AWFUL 'psychological' position.

These are usually put into two (2) categories:

The first is the PLEAD--Where the message usually sounds like

"Baby, please, please call me. I have already called you several times and I really HAVE to talk to you."

The second is the EMERGENCY--

"Cindy, there's been an emergency. Please call me as soon as you get this!"

Now, I think you can see what is wrong with both of those approaches?

I don't think I need to elaborate . . .

What You Do Want To Do

What you do want to do, and what makes this approach seem so magical, is to use his or hercuriosity and self interest to your advantage. These are two of the most powerful forces in the human mind and, if approached correctly, can have your ex running back to you.


Let's look at what you can say that works nearly EVERY TIME.

In a friendly tone:

"Hi John. It's Cindy. I wanted to let you know that I appreciate what you did for me. Call me because I would like to thank you in person."

Do you see how that uses BOTH curiosity and self interest?

John will NOT be able to resist! In his mind he will be thinking "What did I do?" and "What does she appreciate?" He will be confused but feels good because she left him a positive message. It also doesn't sound too needy, which is another thing that may naturally push people away.


Before you call you need to do the "Set up" . . . which is to figure out what he/she really did that you appreciate.

You can decide on any small thing, but it needs to be plausible.

But more importantly, and this is a WARNING! Please, please, please have an underlying strategy like what's laid out in the Magic of Making Up System BEFORE you call.

If you use this technique without an underlying strategy to back it up afterwards, and they call you back, you can do more DAMAGE than good if you do not handle it correctly.

Okay? Do you see my logic?

What I am saying is...

What you do before, during and after you get them to return your call is much MORE important than getting them to return your call.

Does this make sense?

Please, have a PLAN! ==> Magic of Making Up

I hope you will try this technique and especially this strategy, because it really CAN magically get your ex to return your calls. I'm rooting for ya!